Signs You Need Immediate Window Replacement

Aside from wanting to give your home an update, it isn’t always easy to know when you should get replacement windows. This is especially true if your windows are largely intact. And because replacement windows in Lake Oswego, OR are such a big investment, many home owners put off the upgrades as long as possible. Unfortunately sometimes it is necessary to get replacement windows sooner rather than later, otherwise you put yourself and your property at risk. Here are the more severe signs you should watch for:

  1. Broken Glass

This is the most apparent indication you need a new windows, and usually comes from an accident either inside or outside the home. Cracked glass is dangerous, and the break in your exterior envelope will cause both air and moisture leaks. You don’t want the elements to have such easy access to you and your property.

  1. Increased Heating and Cooling Costs

Constantly feel a draft and are uncomfortable inside your own home?  Drafty windows are more than a simple inconvenience. You lose cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter, burning through energy and spending money you don’t have to. So if you take a look at your heating and cooling costs over the last few years and notice and steady incline, then it is likely your windows are not as energy efficient as they once were.

  1. Water Leaks

Along with air drafts, water should be another major concern. Have you notice water collecting inside your home, coming through the windows? This can result in weakness, warping, cracks and mold. Water can get into the walls and even the basement of your home. The wisest choice is to get replacement windows right away.

  1. Icing or Condensation

Another way moisture can cause a problem is if it gets between the glass of your double or triple-paned windows. If you notice fogging or icing between the window panes it means the seals on your windows have broken. Any inert gas has escaped. This is bad because not only are your windows less energy efficient, but icing can cause even more damage and result in water leaks into your windows and walls.

  1. Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows

This is one thing many homeowners often let slide. After all, using a little more muscle to open and close windows doesn’t hurt anyone, right? Wrong! These windows would quickly become a hazard in an emergency, especially if you can’t get them open after prolonged disuse. And the longer you wait, the worse the problem will get.

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Getting an Accurate Quote for New Windows

It is not a surprise that many homeowners put off getting new windows because of the price. Replacement units can be an investment, and the process isn’t always easy. There are so many things to consider, and getting a quote can be confusing to many people. The numbers might be all over the map. How do you know you are getting the right price and the best value? The truth is, there are several factors to keep in mind and ways you can get the most accurate quote before deciding. Here is some information that might help you during the process:

  1. Know your Home Style

This is more than just how you want your home to look. When you consider new windows you want them to compliment the architectural style of your home. Some common home styles in Oregon include Craftsman, Foursquare, Ranch/Mid Century Modern, Tudor, and Cape Cod styles. Windows will grilles are more traditional, and will not compliment a modern style home. These are things to keep in mind when choosing new windows.

  1. Keep Functionality and Esthetics in Mind

As you can see, style preference is not some minor thing. And while there are price differences between window styles, you do not want to simply choose the most affordable option. Double hung windows will not always work in every location. For example, double hung windows usually require both hands for operation, and will not work well above a kitchen sink where they are hard to reach. A crank operated casement window or horizontal slider would work better.

  1. Consider Material Options

Some options include wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. Each one comes with a list of pros and cons, and a unique price tag. Vinyl is perhaps the most affordable, and a largely popular material choice because of its flexibility and insulating properties. Wood is elegant, traditional, and energy efficient. But it takes more maintenance and comes at a higher cost. Aluminum frames are strong and durable, holding larger panes of glass on a thinner frame. But aluminum has more thermal transference. And fiberglass is often the best of both worlds. It is a strong, resilient, versatile material that can have all the warmth and character of natural wood. However this is probably the most expensive option.

  1. Know that Energy Savings Impact Price

When looking at windows it is important to consider the label. This is one of the best ways to compare windows and determine the quality you are getting. The most important values are the U-factor, the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), and the air leakage rating. Low numbers here means greater energy savings in the future.

  1. Get Accurate Measurements

Last, but not least, for an accurate quote you also need accurate measurements. That is why an in-home consultation is best. That way professionals know exactly how big each opening is and which style will work best. This attention to detail not only helps get the pricing right, but ensures you have a smooth installation and problem free windows for years to come.

Call EnergyGuard Windows & Doors for Your Free Quote

Ultimately the best way to get an accurate quote on windows is to find a Portland, OR windows replacement company you can trust. We are a premiere window company and have been providing exceptional service to the people of Portland, OR for over 30 years. Our experts are eager to help. Call us today at 503-554-5500 or come check out our showroom, 516 E. 2nd St., Newberg, OR 97132.

Get Eye-Grabbing Curb Appeal this Spring

As soon as the weather starts to warm up in Tualatin, OR most homeowners go straight to the landscaping to update their curb appeal. While this is a natural start, there are other details you can also focus on that will have an even greater impact on the look and feel of your home. These updates are great if you are looking to sell your home, but are even more valuable if you want to add personal touches that turn a house into a home. You can revamp anything from your mailbox, to your windows, or even your front door. Here are a few ideas:

Overhaul the Mailbox

It may seem like a minor thing, but a mailbox has big impact. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference. Other times you want something a little more stylish to catch your mail, and the attention of passer’s by. Use a little creative flair and try stencils or decals to update your standard mailbox. You might consider placing your old metal mailbox inside a planter box or wooden barrel. If you are more of a heavy lifter when it comes to DIY, you might even construct a brand new mailbox out of bricks or stone. What was once an old junker can quickly become a statement piece.

Enhance your Walkway

Another way to enhance curb appeal is to go to the literal curb. The path to your front door leads all your guests through your yard and to the porch. It should be welcoming, is isn’t somewhere where you should cut corners. Give it an overhaul, especially if the plain cement is cracked and trampled beyond recognition. Replace it with a cozy cobblestone or an elegant brick. The old world look will make your lawn pop and make your home even more irresistible.

Consider Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are a great update to consider. Especially after the accumulation of dirt and debris of a prolonged winter. If your windows are drafty, inoperable, or outdated there is no better time. Swapping out old units will have a huge impact on the look of your home, both inside and out. Replacement windows will also make your home more comfortable, quieter, and increase energy savings. There are so many styles and colors to choose from, you are sure to find something to fit your budget.

Focus on the Front Door

Along with new replacement windows in Tualatin, OR, you should also consider your front door. This entry point is the focal point of your home’s exterior. That rusty old door isn’t doing you or your home any favors. With a little bit of elbow grease and a few supplies it can look as good as new. You might even consider getting a replacement if it shows signs of rot or rust.

Perk Up the Porch

Spring cleaning is a good time to clear away all the dead leaves and debris left by the harsher weather. If the color of your porch has faded over the years, it might be the perfect time for new stain or paint. You should also consider planter boxes or hanging baskets.

Looking for more design tips on how to enhance your home? At EnergyGuard Windows & Doors we can set you up with a superior design consultant who will offer a free in-home evaluation for those in Tualatin, OR and the surrounding area. Call us at 503-554-5500 or visit us today at 516 E. 2nd St., Newberg, OR 97132.

Top Signs You Need Replacement Windows

Sometimes, it is easy to know when you need replacement windows. For example, when a baseball comes flying through the window pane. But it isn’t always that easy and many homeowners in Beaverton, OR keep their old windows for far too long. Why? Because they don’t know what to look for! So here are a few signs that will tell you it is time for replacement windows:

Air Leaks

Your windows should let in light and air, but only when you want them to. If you start to notice a draft, or feel cold even with the heater blasting, you might have a window problem. The seals on your window should be tight so that air does not escape.


Another sign of failed seals is when your windows start to fog up between the panes. Condensation means air and moisture is getting in where it shouldn’t. This is unacceptable and compromises the insulating value of your windows.

Poor Energy Efficiency

If you have noticed your power bill steadily climbing, it might not be inflation. Your windows might be costing you more in energy expenses. Manufacturers have a whole new set of tricks that didn’t exist, even as little as 10 years ago. Now you can choose to make your replacement windows more energy efficient with unique coatings and the type of gas used between panes.

Difficult Operation

Do you have to muscle your windows open or wrestle with the crank? Opening your windows should not require a lot of effort. Instead, they should glide smoothly on the track or crank open with just one hand.


How much noise do your old windows block out? If you live by an airport or busy highway then this feature is even more important. Modern windows can do more than just block out unwanted heat and air. They also cut down on noise pollution. No more cars honking or dogs barking.

Too Much Maintenance

Old windows, especially those with wood frames, take a lot of work to maintain. Do you have the time and funds to keep re-finishing your windows every couple of years? If not, replacement windows might be just the thing. Vinyl is especially good of you are looking for a durable, affordable, and maintenance free option.

Signs of Wear or Damage

Over time windows can start to look weather worn and drab. If you notice damage to the frames like warping, rotting, or fading then you might consider replacement windows.

Poor Security

The locks on your windows should latch securely. If not, you are putting yourself and your loved ones at risk. You also need to think about the glass. Modern windows feature special coatings that strengthen the panes and prevent them from shattering into large, dangerous shards on impact. These features keep you and your family safe and unwanted intruders out.


Last, but not least, you want to think about style. Do your windows match your taste? Or have you been tolerating the style all these years? Replacement windows will have a huge impact on the design of your home. They boost curb appeal and can also increase the value. There’s no time like the present to upgrade and match your windows to your personal taste.

If you notice any of these signs, do not wait too long to get replacement windows in Beaverton, OR. You can call EnergyGuard Windows & Doors for a free design consultation and estimate. Contact us at 503-554-5500 or visit our showroom today, 516 E. 2nd St., Newberg, OR 97132.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home Windows

Daylight Savings time in Beaverton, OR is just around the corner. With the time change comes thoughts of warmer weather, budding flowers, and spring—finally! It also means you are probably thinking about getting your home ready for the change in season. All that winter debris has found its way onto your windows, leaving them a little grimy. If you don’t take the time to clear it away, the buildup can make your windows difficult to operate. Or you might permanently damage the tracks your window slides up and down on. Don’t let that happen! Here are some steps to follow so you can get your windows in top shape, just in time for the nicer weather:

Step 1. Assemble Your Tools

Before getting started, you want to make sure you have everything you need on hand. Along with some soft, lint-free cloths and your favorite glass cleaner, you also want to gather some mild detergent, a soft bristle brush, a plastic putty knife, and some silicone lubricant. You might also want your vacuum cleaner. DO NOT use high pressure washers, razor blades, or abrasive cleaning solutions on your windows.

Step 2. Remove Screens and Sashes

This depends on the types of windows you have. For casement windows and sliders, you want to remove any screens to access the tracks. For double-hung windows, you can usually tilt the panes and clean both interior and exterior glass from the inside.

Step 3. Wipe the Frames

Next, remove dirt and dust from the surface of your window frames. This is where the mild detergent comes in. Combine it with water and use a damp cloth to wipe away grime. Then, rinse out your cloth and use clear water to wipe off the soap. Do not let water drip down the frames. It could collect in the bottom of your windows and cause you trouble later.

Step 4. Clean the Glass

Everyone has their own tried and true method for cleaning windows. Some insist on using a solution of water and vinegar, others say newspapers are the best way to get a streak free shine. Try a few different products and methods until you find something that works for you. Our favorite secret is using a dry blackboard eraser on the glass once it is clean and dry.

Step 5. Clean and Grease the Track

Vacuum away lose debris and then use the soft bristle brush or plastic putty knife to dislodge anything that is stuck. Once you have a clear track, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. Then spray your silicone lubricant on your cloth and wipe down the track or jamb liner. For casement windows, you will want to clean and lube any moving parts. Do not spray directly on the track or hinges. You might have to clean up the overspray and that isn’t easy.

Step 6. Clean the Screens

Last, but not least, place the screens in the shower or on a flat surface outside. Gently spray them down with the shower head or garden hose. You can use your mild detergent and soft bristle brush again to clean away tough dirt. Rinse with clear water and let the screens dry before replacing them.

Getting ready for spring is also a great way to evaluate the condition of your windows. If you notice cracks, leaks, or condensation between the panes then you might consider getting new windows in Beaverton, OR. Call us at EnergyGuard Windows & Doors today for a free in-home design consultation and estimate. Our number is 503-554-5500. Or you can come visit our showroom at 516 E. 2nd St., Newberg, OR 97132.

Pros and Cons of Casement Vinyl Windows

In addition to choosing the size and material for your new windows, you also have to settle on a style. Each one serves a distinct purpose and can make or break your home improvement project. To help make your decision process a little easier, here is some information on casement vinyl windows.

What are Casement Windows?

This style of window hinges to one side and opens outward. It operates with a hand crank, and opens and closes easily.

What are Vinyl Windows?

These window frames are made from a construction grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is a workable, durable, and thermally resistant material. Specific additives make the material fade and warp resistant. It also will not chip, crack, or flake. Best of all, the plastic is a recyclable, affordable option and the top choice for many homeowners in Beaverton, OR.

Pros of Casement Vinyl Windows

Here are the advantages you will find:

  • Energy efficiency. Fixed pane (picture) windows are the most energy efficient on the market. Next on the list are casement windows. Why? Because the sash locks tight against the frame to prevent air leaks. Also, as the wind blows against the pane it actual tightens the seal. By installing casement vinyl windows you can lower energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • When you open a single-hung, double-hung, or sliding window, you only get half of the window open. With casement windows, the whole pane moves to the side, opening the window all the way. You get even more ventilation because these windows can catch side breezes and funnel them into your home.
  • Easy operation. You can open and close these windows with just one hand. So much easier than having to muscle your windows up. They are also simple to clean and maintain.
  • Casement windows have a hook-shaped latch that locks the window securely against the frame, making them difficult to break into from the outside. For most single-hung and double-hung windows all it takes is some leverage to pull the screws from the framing.

Cons of Casement Vinyl Windows

Here are some disadvantages:

  • More mechanical parts. Compared to other window styles, casement vinyl windows have more moving parts. This makes them easy to use, but it also means there is more that can go wrong. Sliders and single-hung widows might be harder to operate, but the simple mechanics means they will likely last longer without any issues.
  • Limited widths. Large window units are heavy. Because these windows anchor on just one side this limits the sizes you can choose. You cannot get wide casement windows. You can, however, partner casement vinyl windows with a picture window and get the best of both worlds.
  • A/C units won’t fit. If you rely on a window mounted air conditioning unit to keep you cool in the summer, don’t choose casement windows. They do not open wide enough to allow proper installation.
  • Conflicting alignment. Most installers will not put casement windows in a line where one opens to the left and one opens to the right, so you don’t have to worry there. Where you need to worry is installing casement windows in a corner. Regardless of the direction of the swing, these windows tend to conflict with one another. You are better off choosing sliders, single-hung, or double hung windows if you want them in the corner.

Where Should I Install Casement Windows in my Home?

These are great window installations for hard to reach places, like behind the sink or over the counter. Many homeowners also choose to use them in living spaces on either side of a larger picture window. They are not good windows along a walkway, because they project outward and impede the path.

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How to Spot Quality Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is an excellent, all-weather material that works in all climates, including areas surrounding Lake Oswego, OR. It holds up against heat, cold, and especially moisture. That said, you could still end up with a sub-par product if you don’t know what to look for. Often a higher price tag means a better product, but not always. Instead, these are the main characteristics you need to watch for:

Quality Material

Vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Not all vinyl is created equal. The quality will vary depending on the manufacturer and the unique “recipe” they use. You will find different combinations of chemicals, fillers, pigments, and plasticizers. You specifically want to look for organic tin and titanium dioxide in the polymer. These additives make the material stronger, more thermal resistant, and help prevent yellowing. Milgard actually produces their own vinyl to meet exacting standards.


When looking at a cross-section of the vinyl window frame, there are several things to consider. The first is the thickness of the material. For the most part, thicker vinyl usually means a better product. The window will be more stable and can support more weight.

Multiple Chambers

The other thing you want to look for is multiple, interlocking chambers of variable sizes. The chambers inside the frame help improve support and energy efficiency and also prevent deformation caused by excessive heat. If there are more chambers in the frame, you are looking at a higher quality window.

Welded Corners

The corners of the vinyl will also tell you a lot about the quality of your window. Manufactures can assemble vinyl windows in two ways: screws, brackets, and caulking or fusion welding. Caulked seams are not as secure, and can crack and break—even as early as shipment and installation. In contrast, fusion welding is a chemical bond. The manufacturer cuts the vinyl, then heats the material to create a smooth, unbreakable joint.

Good Energy Ratings

Another way to compare vinyl windows is to look at the labels. These are provided by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). They test each product and measure the performance. You want to pay close attention to the U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), and Air Leakage ratings. The lower the values on these three ratings, the more energy efficient your window will be.


Last, but not least, you need a product that will go with the architectural style of your home—otherwise the windows will look out of place no matter how good the quality is. Fortunately, Milgard offers several product lines for vinyl windows. You can choose from a range of styles and colors, and our designers can help you find the right fit.

Remember, price does not dictate quality. If you still have questions about vinyl windows in Lake Oswego, OR please call us at 503-554-5500. At EnergyGuard Windows & Doors we have been providing quality products since 2005. We can walk you through each series of vinyl windows and help you chose the best product for your home and budget. Want to come and see some products firsthand? Visit our showroom at 516 E. 2nd St., Newberg, OR 97132.

Best Windows for Your Home’s Architectural Style

Choosing a style of window is tough with so many options on the market. That said, you can narrow down your options by looking at the architectural style of your home. The window style you choose should complement the home design, not contrast with it. Here are a few popular home styles in Lake Oswego, OR and the surrounding areas and the windows you should consider pairing with them.


These style homes are roughly based on early English building traditions of the Renaissance. Some distinctive features include steeply pitched roofs, exposed beams interspersed with stucco, brick and stone exteriors, and large, elaborate chimneys. These homes often feature a combination of tall, narrow windows with dark wood trim. For these homes, we often recommend casement windows. These tall windows hinge on one side and open outward with a hand crank. You might also look at bay windows to use on the first or second story.

Cape Cod

This architectural style originated in 17th century New England. The design was inspired by the small cottages that dotted the English countryside. Typically these homes have one-and-half stories and a side-gabled, steeply pitched roof. The traditional and often unornamented style means you want to stick with single-hung or double-hung windows. These tall, rectangular windows create length in homes where the ceiling height is typically low. To keep them traditional, you should choose windows with mullions to create a multi-pane look.


This affordable housing option swept across America in the early 20th century. It was a large part of the Arts & Crafts movement. These homes often feature shallow pitched roofs, a mixture or materials, and exposed rafter tails. They also have an open floorplan and ample natural light. For this style, you want to stick with symmetrical window and door compositions. The predominant window style is double-hung windows with wood or wood veneer interiors. Grilles, like the windows, are often vertical in proportion. Casement windows in Lake Oswego, OR are another common option.

Old Portland/Four Square

These homes were typically built on the inner East Side of Portland in the late 1800’s until about 1930. They have a strong, simple style and were very well built. You can easily recognize this style by the large, square exterior. They are called Four Square because they have four rooms on both levels with the stairs in the middle. They feel a bit like farmhouses with simple trim and structural design. In front, you will find larger, single light windows. Otherwise, the rest are likely double-hung.

Ranch/Split Level

These long, single story structures became popular after World War II. The style can easily adopt elements from other architectural styles. Most often, they feature large windows, especially if you like the more contemporary style. The large glass panes let in the most natural light and open up an incredible view. Casement windows and horizontal sliders are also in line with the design of these homes.


Last, modern architectural style features clean lines, lots of light, and smooth surfaces. Strip all the ornamentation away and you have the modern style. You might see multiple window units arranged in irregular groupings, but more often you will see simple forms where function outweighs style. So choose windows with narrow frames and large panes. Horizontal sliders are popular as are large windows arranged in rectangular groupings.

To check out some of these styles visit our showroom, 516 E. 2nd St., Newberg, OR 97132. Or for a free in-home consultation with our designers call 503-554-5500. Our experts at EnergyGuard Windows & Doors have over 40 years of experience serving residents in Lake Oswego, OR and surrounding areas. That is why we get the job done right.

What Makes Milgard a Premium Vinyl Window Brand?

When vinyl construction products first came on the market many consumers were skeptical. How could a plastic be better than wood or metal construction materials? While it is true the older products would warp, yellow, and crack, modern vinyl products have come a long way. This is in part thanks to manufacturers like Milgard, who want nothing but the best for their customers. Today vinyl windows are sturdy, durable, and practically maintenance free.

First, What is Vinyl?

The Milgard vinyl frames are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a construction grade plastic. Each manufacturer has a different compound for their vinyl—a recipe of sorts. Vinyl takes a mixture of fillers, chemicals, pigments, and plasticizers. This combination of materials dictates the long-term characteristics of the material. For example, heat resistance comes from titanium dioxide. And organic tin stops yellowing. Milgard produces their own vinyl to exacting standards in a controlled environment. Their products do not contain any fillers to ensure the final result is a stable, high performance window.

How Do I Know it is Quality Vinyl?

Here are a few things to look for in a top notch product like Milgard vinyl windows in Portland, OR:

Physical Examination

You can’t rely on price to determine quality, you need to look at the construction material. Lower quality vinyl often has a polar blue tint to delay the yellowing process. This usually means they didn’t use enough organic tin. Windows with high amounts of titanium dioxide and organic tin will almost always be pure white.

Welded Seams

There are two main methods for vinyl window construction: welding or mechanical connections. Fully welded construction is another sign of high quality vinyl windows. For this manufactures take advantage of vinyl’s chemistry. Once the sections of the frame are measured and cut, they heat the mitered corners and assemble the frame. With this method the vinyl molecules interlock, and once it cools, two pieces of vinyl become one. Mechanical joints involve brackets, screws, and caulking. This method does not hold up as well during transport or installation.

Multi-Chamber Design

You should also be able to take a look at a cross section of the vinyl window. A higher number of empty chambers in varying sizes also points to higher quality. Not only do more edges mean a stronger weld, it also means better insulation and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Thanks to the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC), you have even more information about energy ratings. You can compare values from product to product. While it doesn’t tell you if the vinyl is quality, it will tell you the U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). These measurements show you just how well the window reduces heat loss and helps you save energy.

Choosing EnergyGuard for Milgard Vinyl Windows

All Milgard vinyl products undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality and consistency, which is why we stand behind them. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, at EnergyGuard we know a quality product when we see one. Milgard offers superior quality, design, and material options in all their products. Want to check some of them out for yourself? Call us today at 503-554-5500 for a free consultation, no obligation. Or if you are near Portland, OR come see our showroom at 516 E. 2nd St Newberg, OR 97132.

EnergyGuard Featured Window Brand: Milgard

Windows are an important aspect of your home. They let in light and natural breezes. They protect you from the elements and unwanted intruders. They lower your energy expenses and make a design statement in your home. It is no wonder you want the best when it comes to choosing replacement windows. And we have found the best in Milgard Windows. They offer a wide variety of styles and lines to choose from, and you are sure to find the perfect. Here are some details about their outstanding products.

Window Materials

Choosing new windows often starts with the basic material. And with Milgard, you have a few material options to choose from. These include:


This is a classic option, and for good reason. The warm wood grain adds beauty and class to any space. The material is also paintable and an excellent insulator. Wood is strong, easy to work with, and compliments any form of architecture. However, these windows do require more maintenance with regular sealing, staining, or repainting.


Over the last few years, fiberglass has grown steadily in popularity. This wood alternative is strong and can securely hold larger spans of glass. It is low maintenance, paintable, and another top-notch insulator. Fiberglass also expands and contracts at the same rate as regular glass, meaning you get tighter seals. Best of all you can pair a fiberglass exterior finish with a real wood interior, getting the best of both worlds.


The new kid on the block so to speak, vinyl is quickly overtaking wood and aluminum in terms of popularity. These windows are made from construction grade Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). And because Milgard manufactures its own vinyl, the compound contains no extra fillers. It is a strong, flexible material that will not warp, rot, or fade. These windows require little to no maintenance to keep them looking like new. They also provide exceptional energy efficiency. While the colors of vinyl are limited, you are sure to find a style from our seven finishing options to complement your home. Best of all, these windows come with the most affordable pricing on the market.


As a well-recognized and well-loved window frame option, nothing quite compares to aluminum. It is timeless and is still a popular choice for architects and homeowners alike. Why? Because they offer a slim profile and narrow sight lines. Basically, these are always beautiful windows in almost any space. Light, yet strong, we can configure these windows into a variety of shapes, sizes, and combinations. Unfortunately, the beauty comes with a cost. These window frames do not insulate as well as other materials.

Window Styles

Next, you choose the style of window based on function and design. This is where you get to have some fun! Some of the design options include:

  • Awning
  • Baw
  • Bow
  • Casement
  • Double hung
  • Garden window
  • Horizontal slider
  • Picture
  • Radius
  • Single Hung

Benefits of Milgard Windows

Milgard windows offer more than just functionality. These windows are stylish, more sustainable, and come with an industry-leading lifetime warranty. They offer award-winning windows. Each component is developed from hours of testing and attention to the smallest detail. You get unmatched style, strength, and standards when you choose to use Milgard.

Contact EnergyGuard Today

Want to learn more about this prestigious brand of replacement windows in Portland, OR and see some of their designs up close and personal? Do not hesitate to call our office at 503-554-5500 or visit us at 516 E. 2nd St Newberg, OR 97132. We will schedule a free in-home design consultation and estimate. You can see what these windows will look like in your home and feel confident in your decision.