Customer Testimonials & Reviews - EnergyGuard Windows & Doors


What Our Customers Say

Great Job!

“Again I say, spectacular! You all do a great job in every way and we thank you!”

– Reeves Family

Sherwood Home

“Thank you for the windows that were installed by your team of guys. They did a fabulous job. I took pictures for you as well. The windows have made a huge difference in our home. It’s so much quieter and the air conditioner didn’t even come on, once the windows were in. The heater has been used only a few times and once it is shut off our home holds at 68 degrees. We can’t thank you enough. The comfort level of our home is so much better. You better believe we are telling everyone about you and your team. Our neighbors and friends have notices a vast difference not only by the appearance but also once they enter. It’s like we have a new house. We still have 3 windows to replace and look forward to replacing next year. Angain, thank you so much!”

– Mrs. Kirkham

Very Happy Customer

“The sales presentation anticipated what I wanted and needed to see – especially in contrast to the who’d presented prior to you. I never thought something as mundane as windows could make me Happy, but these windows are Absolutely Marvelous. I feel like I have a new house. They have already made a great difference in my heating/AC use. Because That system is new also I’ve been using it to make sure it works, but on the 85 degree heat day, the windows alone kept the interior at 69 degrees until 4 pm when I added enough outside air to make it 71 degrees. I will send the referral program sheet as soon as I’ve had a chance to show off my new windows. Thanks again.”


The Whistler Home

“It was raining on the day of the install. Todd and Randy voluntarily removed their shoes each time they came into the house. I though that was extremely courteous.

“I really appreciated the feet that Darren suggested that I install some of the windows myself. That let me know that you weren’t out to rip me off but were more interested in what was right for me. This is what separated you from the other companies I got bids from and is why I’ll come back to you in the future.”

– Geoffery

The Wylder Home

“The EnergyGuard crew removed 23 windows in my 1958 ranch style home and replaced them with 23 Milgard Classic style windows.

“Darren Mankin of EnergyGuard gave excellent recommendations regarding the style of the new windows. His design advice gave him the edge over his competitors. The results were stunning. His install crew took care with each window. This was a job with challenges, adn they made solving the problems look easy. I am very happy with the result and look forward to years of pleasurable use.”

– Jim

Excellent Work

“Would we refer EnergyGuard to your friends? Absolutely! You were very accommadating to postponing the installation until the roofers could finish. Thank you for your excellent work and flexibility. It was a pleasure!

“We are currently sitting and eating our soup/salad course and enjoying the food and atmosphere here in Newport Bay. Thank you so much for the dinner!”

– Bill & Pat