Easy Home Maintenance Tasks to do in January

With the holidays behind you and a new year ahead, it’s important to get your home back in order. These useful home maintenance tips can get you started: 1. Holiday Clean Up Once family or out of town visitors are gone, most homeowners start taking down their Christmas decorations for a fresh start in the […]

Which Replacement Windows Last the Longest?

When it comes to your home, window replacement is a significant investment. No one wants their money to go to waste, especially on such a large project. You want your investment to go a long way and you want your new windows to last for the rest of the time you are in the home. […]

Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Entry Doors

Wood doors give you a high-end appearance and great insulation, but require a lot more maintenance. Over time, they can warp, fade, scratch, swell, or rot. Steel doors are stronger and can have a better insulation, but they also lack aesthetics and easily scratch and dent. So what are you supposed to do? Luckily, those […]

What are the Options for Custom Vinyl Windows?

If you are thinking about getting new vinyl windows in Tualatin, OR, it can be intimidating. Milgard offers a lot of the custom options. To help you better understand your choices and make more informed decisions, here is a list of a few customizations. Look these over and think about what you want before choosing […]

Do I Need Aluminum Window Replacement?

Aluminum windows are versatile, affordable, lightweight, and durable. It is no wonder they were the most popular products on the market for several decades. But today, there are new contenders on the market, including vinyl and fiberglass. Is it time to think about aluminum window replacement in Beaverton, OR? Here is what you need to […]

What is the Process for Replacement Window Installation?

Most homeowners only have to get replacement windows once, maybe twice in their lifetime. As such, the process for replacement windows isn’t common knowledge. Many of our customers have a lot of questions about the installation process. So here is a generalized outline of what to expect when you hire professionals for replacement windows in […]

Get Your Home Holiday Ready

Let the count downs begin. With the Holiday rapidly approaching, there are probably a lot of items you need to check off your list, especially if you plan to host a house full of guests in Beaverton, OR. You want your friends and family to feel comfortable during their stay. So here are a few […]

What are the Benefits of Low-E Windows?

For most homeowners, natural light is an asset. It makes living spaces feel brighter and more open. It makes your space inviting. And it can help cut down on the use of electricity for lighting. Unfortunately, when you open up your home with more windows, you also make it more vulnerable to solar heat gain, […]

Signs You Need New Sliding Glass Doors

It may not seem like much, but your sliding glass patio door does a lot of work. It provides a stunning view of your yard and is a private gateway to the garden. It keeps you safe and secure, offering protection against the elements and intruders. You use it while collecting vegetables from the garden, […]

Safety Tips to Follow for Exterior Decorating this Holiday

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas just ahead, you are probably hustling to get everything done so you can enjoy the holidays. Many homeowners have started to decorate the outside of their homes. It is so fun to see all the colored lights, illuminated trees, and oversized cartoon characters popping up around you…but don’t be […]